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We date back to 1995 when TIK Systems was founded as a joint venture between independent entrepreneurs and Swissair Information Systems.

We have focused on developing solutions for the airline industry and in 2004 we launched our first passenger services system, tikAERO.

The business was sold to the Emirates Group where the product was rebranded Avantik and successfully implemented with several airlines around the world.

After nearly ten years in hibernate mode, we decided to re-launch our activities with the introduction of the first modules of OOPS.

Trusted Partner
We ensure that each addition brings tangible value by reducing costs, streamlining processes and increasing productivity.
Re-imagined System
OOPS is truly the only platform that brings traditional e-commerce to support native IATA NDC and ONE Order.
Integrated Platform
OOPS platform covers the entire chain from Planning, Sales, Handling, Revenue Accounting to Finance.
While the solution is designed by industry professionals, we strive on customer requirements and needs.


We have created a ground-breaking cloud-based platform which change the way we look at passenger service systems. It is fundamentally different from what is currently offered for air, rail, ferry and coach transportation companies.
At its core sits a state-of-the-art e-commerce engine that integrates current and future industry standards, enabling airlines to dynamically create and distribute personalised product offerings in real-time.
It enables you to analyze and continuously optimize conversion rates, revenues, quality of service delivery and customer satisfaction.
OOPS : One-Order-Passenger-Servicing
Core modules of OOPS include Schedule Management, Distribution, Fares Management, Inventory and Revenue Management; GDS, Web and XML and JSON distribution, Call Centre/ATO/CTO sales; Reservation and e-Ticketing, Online Payment Processing, Client Profiles, e-Mail/SMS queues; Flight Information and Teletype Messaging; Revenue Accounting including BSP HOT and UPLIFT file processing.

Innovative solutions that power the travel industry.

We set new standards for customer and passenger experiences with simplified processes that maximizes revenues.


OOPS suite of cloud based solutions for next generation PSS

Oops.solution is a portfolio of modular Airline software that delivers the total customer journey experience.


Oops.ticketing is a native cloud ETDB with full support for IET, EMD-A/S, offering a scalable & secure JSON RESTful API.


Oops.messaging is message hub with airline message transformation capabilities, offering a transparent JSON RESTful APIs.


Oops.gateway is the portal airline product distribution. It supports MQ, HTH, BATAP, FTP, SFTP, XML SOAP and JSON RESTful API.


Happy Customers

Trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands.

We Offer Great Service For Our Customers

Experienced Team
Our team of industry experts have a proven track records of developing passenger service systems (PSS) related applications and services.
Professional Advice
As an active member of the IATA NDC communitive we understand the need for change in the travel industry extremely well.
Flexibility as a Priority
Our configuration of solutions offers an easy to use and flexible application that allows users to customise workflows and features as required.
Short Time to Market
Our solutions are faster and more efficient to implement and bring live while allowing for extensive customization.

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