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Our customers depend on highly flexible business solutions to support their daily activities for managing, selling and optimizing services for passengers. At TIK Systems, we design, develop and provide modern cloud-based platforms. Our products are based on open standards. Scalability, security, flexibility, maintainability and stability are in our DNA. We are here to support our customers with best-of-breed and economical solutions – ready to meet the future of selling and distribution.

What We Provide


The most important part of consulting is to listen to our clients.  With decades of Airline front line business know-how TIK Systems listens to you.

Our multi-decade experience in global PSS offerings gives us a deep feel of the market so solutions can be successfully employed for you.


Products are our core deliverables. Our range of cloud hosted microservice based products comply with IATA standards, NDC and OneOrder XML and offer flexible JSON RESTful APIs.

TIK Systems provide round the sun 24/7/365 hour support and are constantly looking to drive forward state-of-the-art developments and product innovation.

Customised Solutions

An excellent programmer with hands-on Airline business experience is up to 20 times more efficient than even a very good programmer.

TIK Systems have knowledgeable programmers, designers, UX and systems architects delivering operable systems for our customers that are scalable and efficient.

Our Products

Oops.solution is a secure modular multi-product portfolio of Airline software that aims to delivers the total passenger journey experience.

The days of the rigid PSS based solely on flight-as-a-product are dwindling.  Customers expect choice, flexibility, value for money and service. The oops.solution delivers those products across the customer experience.

Oops.ticketing is a cloud architected ETDB with full support for IET, EMDa and EMDs, offering scalable and secure RESTful JSON API connectivity to the new world.

oops.ticketing is fully compliant with IATA resolutions No. 722f/722g/722h/724/735d and supports all required statuses of data exchange, EDIFACT message processing and information storage requirements.

Oops.messaging hub is a combined Enterprise Services Bus with airline message transformation capabilities.

It enables the old and the new worlds to connect seamlessly, offering transparent and open JSON RESTful APIs for all booking, ticketing and passenger related messaging.

TTY and EDIFACT engineering is not readily understandable by Gen Y Engineers. oops.messaging standard flexible JSON manifests negate the need to deep dive into proprietary formats such as PNL, PRL, ETL, PAXLST, UN-EDIFACT, etc.

Oops.gateway is the open door to the new world of airline product distribution.

Applications no longer need to understand how to send and receive multiple protocol messages, oops.gateway supports MQ, HTH, BATAP, FTP, SFTP, XML SOAP and JSON RESTful message deliveries.

Airlines using oops.gateway do not need to purchase and operate proprietary hardware and software.

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About Us

Our roots go back to 1995, when TIK Systems was founded as a joint venture between independent entrepreneurs and Swissair Information Systems. From our first days, we have focused on developing solutions for the airline industry. In 2004 we launched our first passenger services system (PSS) called tikAERO. A few years later, we sold the business to the Emirates Group. The product was renamed to Avantik and was successfully implemented with airlines around the world. After almost 10 years in hibernate-mode, we have decided to re-launch our activities as a startup with the introduction of the first modules of oops.


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