Alea Iacta Est

Yesterday it popped into my mind – out of a sudden – after mimicking George Clooney drinking a cup of Nespresso coffee. I’m going to build a new passenger services management system. First thing you noticed by now that my preferred drug is coffee and that I do not call the system a passenger reservation or a passenger services system. But I’ll elaborate about that a little bit further down.

Actually building a new system isn’t all that difficult – others did it as well or are still doing it. Some are successful, some fail. So my decision here is that I will not fail – and it’s all about making sure you’re intention is followed properly.

I have not given it a lot of thoughts, but so did they guys that started Uber or Facebook. And I don’t think Steve Jobs did think a lot when he broke into the Xerox Labs to copy the mouse and the graphical user interface. So let’s keep these guys in mind. Be open, think out of the box and copy good things from others but make it better.

So what does it take to build a new passenger services management system, in short … hmmmm … where’s a cool name? Maybe that’s the first thing I struggle with. All good projects start with a good name – a name representing your idea and a name which sounds good enough, so it stays in everybody’s head. There was a company which called their system FACE, but they never got it to BOOK. Important is, that I don’t angry any nation and religion and it has to be politically correct. And the name should sound the same when used with any language. Since I have no idea at this point I simply call it “OOPS”. Worked with Britney Spears, so why shouldn’t it work for me.

Important first steps to make OOPS a success is to have a big and expensive corporate headquarter, lots of people, advisors, project managers and plenty of expensive giveaways, which somehow land in the pockets of the employees rather than with potential customers. Overhead and fancy parties are important as much as free food and offices that look like Google, and it shows – look at the current big providers. They are so expensive that some airlines have to add booking surcharges – but that would be another topic for a blog.

So let’s get real – I need a clear vision, a few smart people, uncommon ideas and a fresh approach. And to my advantage, I can learn from mistakes I have made building other systems – cause no one would ever do the same mistake again <g>

Seriously, building a new system is not that difficult, unless you make it difficult or you take it as difficult. “Ohhhh, this is so difficult, and we will all fail” is probably the wrong approach to start anything like that. But then, and in reference to a previous blog of mine “Ohhhh, this is so easy, let’s buy 20 servers and get all the new cool technology” won’t bring you forward either. I’m not scared doing this and I have good and skilled friends available. So I’m pretty optimistic that it can be done. Not sure how long it will take as IATA is still working on defining all the new stuff under the Simplify the Business umbrella – and in fact any new system is all about that, besides making it more affordable and more fun to use and book.

I know I made you excited and you all want to know more about OOPS. Wherever and whoever you are, if you think you want to follow me or even participate in the next thing to come, then send me an email. Mind you that all mails such as “we are a professional outsource development company” or “dear beloved in the name of god I have to transfer US$ 8.5mio out of Nigeria, will you help me” mails will land in my junk mail folder.

I think I better get started, right after another cup of coffee.