An innovative approach to airline retailing!

An innovative approach to airline retailing!

During the last few months, you have received our bi-monthly newsletters. With these newsletters, we have ensured that our audience receives up-to-date information about what we are doing behind the scenes.

As you remember, our team went to Amsterdam to participate in the world aviation festival beginning of October, and most importantly, to officially showcase our new airline retailing solution for the first time.

When we started with the design and development of our new platform, we gave our project the name “OOPS”, in reference to Britney Spears’ song – “oops, I did it again”.

Now we are ready to launch the first version of “OOPS,” which now stands for ONE Order Passenger Service Solution: oops.solution. And we have a new song for this big moment. This time from Lady Gaga: “A Star is born”!

We are proud to have reached our first milestone. Of course, there are a lot more to come, and our team is working hard to add more features and ideas over the next few months.

We have summarized the main key differentiators when comparing oops.solution with current legacy PSS and the new type of order management systems (OMS). oops.solution is the only product in the market that has been built from scratch using an open eCommerce core, BUT still supporting the full set of legacy PSS features. As such, oops.solution can be your PSS, your OMS, or a combination of both worlds, without having to operate two different systems like other providers suggest.

Key Differentiators of OOPS

a. Fully Integrated Solution. oops offers carriers a fully integrated solution covering all aspects of the airline’s internal value chain (Planning, Sales, Distribution, Handling and Fulfillment, Revenue Accounting, and Finance). oops.solution has been developed from ground up, using the latest proven technology and optimized for running in the cloud. oops.solution is based on an open eCommerce retail core, fully supporting IATA industry standards NDC and ONE Order.

b. Real-Time Financial Control. oops.solution includes management reporting and interfaces with standalone airline revenue accounting. The complete integration of all aspects of the airline operation makes real-time reporting and business intelligence available to users at any time, with detailed drill-down functionality only a click away.

c. Combination of the best of two worlds. oops.solution is a flexible Offer and Order Management Solution (OMS). However, the majority of airlines still require and operate a passenger service solution (PSS). The good news is, that oops.solution is also a PSS, supporting the traditional, some call it legacy, processes which dominate the industry now, and for the next years to come. There is no need to operate and pay for a combination of a PSS with a OMS, like some suggest, when you can have both worlds in one system. A system should not dictate how an airline distributes, but the airline should have control how it wants to sell – either traditionally – the PSS way, modern – using NDC and ONE Order – or a combination of both worlds, allowing greatest flexibility and more choices – thanks to oops.solution.

d. Flexibility and Changeability. oops.solution offers a very easy-to-use and flexible application that allows users to customize workflows and features as required. The entire application fully supports multiple languages and unlimited currencies and is customized to meet customer and point-of-sale requirements. Thanks to its open and flexible architecture, oops.solution is adaptable to local markets, and changes can be implemented much faster than in a legacy environment.

If you would like to know more or get a live introduction to the new world of oops.solution, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have prepared a short questionnaire that we would like you to fill out, as it gives us an indication of what scope you are most interested in, are already using, or planning to implement. Please follow this link:

We have also prepared a video introduction giving you a first glimpse of oops.solution and how it can help to transform your eCommerce and management approach. You can find the video under the following URL:

For further information or to schedule a live presentation, please contact us by email at

Yours truly,

Sawitree Kaewsangjai

Sales and Marketing Manager