From IATA_AirShoppingRS to OOPS_ShoppingRS!

From IATA_AirShoppingRS to OOPS_ShoppingRS!

Several weeks ago, I introduced our initiative aimed at refining the NDC shopping experience, now known as “Airline Retailing”. In pursuit of this goal, we have developed a consolidated API schema, OOPS_ShoppingRS, which integrates key functionalities such as IATA’s AirShopping, OrderReShop, OfferPrice, SeatAvailability, and ServiceList. Notably, we have expanded our capabilities to encompass a broader spectrum of products, including vouchers, accommodations, car rentals, insurance, among others. Additionally, our schema is equipped to manage diverse scenarios such as bundles, group bookings, non-revenue transactions, as well as staff and crew requests.

Although our journey began with its share of challenges, it has been an invaluable learning experience in the realm of open retailing and the intricacies of NDC version 21.3.4, upon which our new schema is anchored.

In engaging with various Online Travel Agencies (OTAs), we are pleased to report unanimous preference for our innovative approach over the conventional utilization of native IATA NDC schemas. This resounding validation underscores our conviction that it is indeed feasible to augment existing standards without resorting to reinventing the wheel. Welcome to the era of NDCplus.


Roland Heller

Managing Director