I have dedicated a considerable amount of time to studying and comprehending various NDC XML schemas, specifically based on version 21.3.4. Throughout this process, I’ve observed a recurring pattern where identical objectives, or the provision of the same data, are implemented inconsistently across different schemas. This lack of uniformity has been a persistent issue, and I’ve always found it perplexing why the standard was confined solely to flight and ancillaries.

Recognizing the centrality of shopping in this context, I delved back into the fundamentals. My objective was to retain the NDC concept, including column names and certain schema nodes, while amalgamating schemas such as AirShopping, Reshop, ServiceList, and Seatmap. I sought to eliminate dependencies on flight and ancillary elements, enabling the sale of diverse products like vouchers and merchandise. The overarching aim was to normalize the new message, minimizing redundancy and enhancing flexibility. Departing from the traditional XML schema, I opted for a JSON document.

The outcome is our ShoppingRQ/RS schema, designed to handle a broad spectrum of functionalities beyond the original scope. We introduced this schema in our latest version, initially incorporating voucher shopping and seat-map features. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, with widespread satisfaction stemming from its enhanced clarity, ease of data population, and seamless integration across the distribution channels we support.

In fact, our innovative approach extends beyond the realms of traditional NDC application. We have developed NDC-like schemas for loyalty and profile management, even facilitating the conversion of legacy TTY messages into NDC structures. When engaging with OTAs, we offered the choice between pure NDC 21.3.4 and our NDC+ JSON documents, and unanimously, they opted for the latter.

If you’re interested in learning more about our open airline retailing standard, based on NDC but turbo-charged, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would be delighted to introduce you to the world of NDC+.


Roland Heller

Managing Director