oops.gateway connects with MessageNet

Bangkok: Monday 23. March 2020: Amadeus IT Group, S.A, Amadeus, and TIK Systems signed a partnership agreement for the use of Amadeus’ MessageNet platform with oops.gateway, the unified messaging platform of oops.solution. MessageNet is used to provide type B connectivity for exchanging teletype messages between airline systems (CRS, PSS), global distribution systems (Galileo, Sabre, Amadeus, etc.), governments and airport ground-handlers. oops.gateway, through the integration with oops.messaging, offers a modern cloud-based, server-less RESTful API web-service platform. It uses flexible JSON documents for the integration with new-gen order-management and e-commerce solutions.

Systems making use of oops.solution no longer need to understand various message formats, but instead, for example, use a single generic JSON document manifest to exchange any flight and passenger related information, such as MVT, PNL, PFS, PRL, ETL, FTL, PIL, PAL, PAXLST, UN-EDIFACT, etc. Additional JSON documents are provided for orders (bookings) and electronic documents (IATA e-tickets and EMDs).

With the integration of MessageNet, oops.gateway supports MATIP HTH, BATAP, MQ, SMTP, RESTful API, FTP and SFTP for type A and B message switching.    

Roland Heller, Managing Director of TIK Systems said: “We worked with Amadeus MessageNet for the last 15 years. System up-time and user support has always been excellent. Partnering with Amadeus for the oops.solution was never really a question and we’re happy to continue our professional relationship with the team behind MessageNet for the years to come.”

TIK Systems’ roots go back to 1995, when the company was founded as a joint venture between independent entrepreneurs and Swissair Information Systems. From the first days, TIK Systems has focused on developing solutions for the airline industry. In 2004, the company launched its passenger services system (PSS) called tikAERO. A few years later, the business was sold to Mercator, the IT company of the Emirates Group. The product was renamed to Avantik and was successfully implemented with airlines around the world. After almost 10 years in hibernate-mode, the owners have decided to re-launch the business activities as a startup with the introduction of the first modules of oops.solution.