November 2022 Newsletter

November 2022 Newsletter

Does size matter?

Is it only large airlines that can Retail? 

There is a debate in the industry with statements thrown about like “there are no systems for offer and order management (OMS)”, we will have to wait for the large PSS to develop functionality for OMS before we can retail”, and “only those with deep pockets can Retail”. 

Are any of these statements true? No. 

The PSS market is dominated by a few players and the argument used by the bigger vendors is “one size fits all” but that size seldom means that airlines are given the freedom to experiment and innovate. Selling t-shirts or a meal at the gate seems harder than rocket science and takes forever. 

Whether you need to be hosted on a traditional PSS or not is now being challenged and questioned in the industry. A driver for migrating off a traditional PSS  is cost and airlines are asking questions like what essential services do I need from a PSS?  

What is oops.solution? 

oops.solution stands for ONE Order Passenger Servicing Solution and is the result of a top-down bottom-up rethinking of what a passenger service system is which incorporates offer and order management as an integral part of the PSS. This enables airlines to become Retailers and at the same time have the security of a PSS and the flexibility of an OMS. 

The key benefit of oops.solution is that it facilitates modern retailing capabilities with a marketplace that has backward compatibility with classic functionalities such as PNRs, RBDs, fares, teletype, and type A messages. oops.solution supports IATA bilateral interlining, electronic ticketing and EMDs. oops.solution is a ONE Order compliant order management system using NDC-based APIs. oops.solution considers a flight as a  product; t-shirts are products and so are seats. The system supports both dynamic bundling and dynamic pricing. 

The product suite offers consumer, agency, and airline portals giving the airline maximum flexibility for distribution. 

So while still supporting the “old world” you can easily work and make your moves into the ‘new world” with oops.solution. 


Yours truly,

Sawitree Kaewsangjai

Sales and Marketing Manager