Oops.solution is a portfolio of Airline software that delivers the total customer journey experience.

Customers expects choice, flexibility and value for money and for this, airlines require modern and flexible supportive systems that allows them to better provide their services.

Oops.solution delivers essential products across the customer journey experience.


Oops.solution offers easy to use and flexible applications that allows users to customize workflows and features as needed.

The portfolio of application are multi-lingual, supports unlimited number of currencies and is customisable to meet customer as well as point of sale needs.

Thanks to its open and flexible architecture, oops.solution is adaptable to local markets and changes can be delivered to our customers much faster than in a legacy environment.


Oops.ticketing is a native cloud ETDB with full support for IET, EMD-A/S, offering scalable & secure JSON RESTful API.

Oops.ticketing is fully compliant with IATA resolutions No 722f/722g/722h/724/735d and supports all required statuses of data exchange, EDIFACT message processing and information storage requirements.


Oops.ticketing can validate and virtually store unlimited number of IATA e-tickets, EMD-A/S.

Oops.ticketing supports both e-ticketing and ticketless and has full GDS connectivity with all major GDSs (Direct Availability, Sell, e-Ticketing) aa well as Interline and Codeshare capabilities.

Oops.ticketing is seamlessly integrated in the reservation process and automatically performs ticket issue, void, re-validation, exchange and refund.


Oops.messaging hub is a message hub with airline message transformation capabilities, offering a transaparent JSON RESTful API.

It seamlessly connect the past with the future for all booking, ticketing and customer related messages.

Oops.messaging uses standard flexible JSON manifests which negate the need to deep dive into proprietary formats such as PNL, PRL, ETL, PAXLST and UN-EDIFACT.



Oops.messaging offers full GDS distribution and provides airlines with a full set of highly flexible and scalable web service APIs based on JSON RESTful as well as SOAP NDC XML APIs.

Reduced distribution costs with improved options to travel agencies and corporates.

Last seat availability, private or IT fares, group and waitlist, full PNR management (change, cancel, split, refund, employee/customer profiles with processing rules, web check-in).

Allows agencies to pay directly using available payment methods including credit accounts and invoice generated by oops.messaging.


Oops.gateway is the portal to airline product distribution. It supports MQ, HTH, BATAP, FTP, SFTP, XML SOAP and JSON RESTful API

Hosted in cloud, airlines don’t need to purchase and operate proprietary hardware and software.


Oops.gateway can virtually process unlimited number of messages with auto scaling available in the cloud.

Oops.gateway supports sending and receiving type A (EDIFACT) and type B (TTY) messages which are logged accessible to authorized users and used for performance reporting in an easy-to-use dashboard.